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JAMMU PARIVARTAN is the largest circulated & popular Hindi Newspaper of Jammu & Kashmir. In Hindi journalism in Jammu and Kashmir, if any News paper has earned his best name in a short time name “ Jammu Parivartan” is at the forefront . If anyone in Hindi has a newspaper in Jammu and Kashmir it will be called Jammu Parivartan. The best thing about this newspaper is that it has been presenting accurate and true information of Jammu and Kashmir to its readers from time to time. Especially the main goal of this newspaper is to take the true picture of Jammu and Kashmir to the public .
This newspaper has exposed the voice of the people of Jammu to their writing. Its Story and news published has raised the voice of the people among to the administration. This news paper has played a major role in reaching the administration of many cases of corruption. News team is working day and night in tough challenges, especially in raising issues related to the public.
In a short time large number of the people joined Jammu Parivartan on social networking site portal. The main reason for this is that people get the news easily according to their interest.
No matter how far the news is and after the hard investigation the newspaper’s priorities are involved in giving its true information.
In future to making the true voice of the people always will remain among the firsts in Jammu Parivartan .